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Canadian author and historian, Kirk Raymond Butt, was born and raised in Bay St. George, NL. He attended Memorial University of Newfoundland and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Education degree. He then completed a Master of Education degree from the University of Windsor, ON. Kirk is a retired educator. He has been writing since 2006. Three of his books have been  published by Boonen Books, Oshawa.

Kirk's current titles Include:

Early Settlers of Bay St. George, The Inner Bay - Volume I  (Soft Cover, 488 Pages, Black and White Photos, $35.95, Fifth Revision, Published 2013)

Early Settlers of Bay St. George, The Outer Bay - Volume 2  (Soft Cover, 447 Pages, Black and White Photos,  $35.95, Third Revision, Published 2013)

A History of Stephenville, NL: The Making of a Town  (Soft Cover, 214 Pages, Black and White  Photos, $28.95,  Published 2018)

Books by Kirk Raymond Butt are available at the following stores:

- Arlim Company  107 Main Street, Stephenville, Newfoundland  

- Beavercraft  108 Main Street,  Stephenville, Newfoundland

- Island Treasures  located in Corner Brook Plaza, 44 Maple Valley Road, Corner Brook, Newfoundland

Books by Kirk Raymond Butt can be ordered over the internet and shipped from:            
* Volumes 1 and 2  and a History of Stephenville  are currently in stock at Global Genealogy's online store.

* Both Arlim Co. (709-643-2823)  and Beavercraft  (709-643-4844)  in Stephenville will ship books by Kirk 
   Raymond Butt. You can't order from them through a website, but if you call them directly you can make 
   arrangements for shipping. 


Early Settlers of Bay St. George, Vol. 1 - The Inner Bay

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Early Settlers of Bay St. George, Vol. 2 - The Outer Bay

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A History of Stephenville, NL : The Making of a Town

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