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PDF files are available on this page for free downloading. New PDF files will be made available on a regular basis from a series of documents authored by Kirk Raymond Butt. The focus and title of this new series is :  Bay St. George History & Heritage .  

ISSUE No. 01, Summer 2020 :

Early Settlers of McKays, NL : The Ancestors and Family of Peter and Catherine McKay

ISSUE No. 02, Fall 2020 :

The Loss of the Nonantum and the Rescue of George Kidger

ISSUE No. 03, Winter 2020 - 2021 :

Early Settlers of Sandy Point: The Messervey Family Legacy

ISSUE No. 04, Spring  2021 :

Early Settlers of Stephenville Crossing: The Family of Henri and Elizabeth (Chego/Shegone) L'Official  

ISSUE No. 05, Summer 
2021 :

The 1838 List of Inhabitants for
Bay St. George's Inner Bay

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